Upcoming One Day Workshops for Teens:

 The Straight A Playbook:  “Play the Game”

Pick one date:

April 21st, June 23rd, July 28th, Aug. 25th

Saturday 10-4:30p

Location:  14074 Trade Center Drive, Suite 145, Conference Room 1

Teacher:  Laura Welch, LMHC

What It Is:  For the past few years, I’ve been writing a book for teens on study skills.  Everything in the book will be presented in the workshop, including a series of 23 specific strategies designed to overhaul the way your child thinks about grades and school.  This is an experiential workshop with exercises, art, videos and specific study skill practice.  Even though it sounds a little boring (who wants to learn about study skills?) it’s actually a really fun day.  In fact, two of the girls who took the first class wanted to come back and do the class again.

Size is limited to 10 kids so it’s not too overwhelming.  We will have a lunch break (pizza provided) and materials will be given that your child can take home.  This information can be taken with them into college as many of the strategies are designed to help them with memorizing, motivation, organization and simplifying the study process.  Also appropriate for a college-aged student.  Students in attendance will be ages 13-19.

Cost for the day:  $100 (includes lunch, snacks, materials). $20 discount given to those who sign up at least two weeks before the class date.  Also, you can bring a friend for FREE (and split the cost).