The people I work with have extraordinarily busy lives. They have problems that need dealt with or ones that threaten on the horizon. Life is difficult, no matter how positive you try to be. I’ve been thinking “what is one thing that really could help?” Because we can’t all quit our jobs and there truly are impossible situations out there. But we can incorporate a mindfulness practice into our lives. What does that mean?

1. Take a half hour in the morning to sit in a chair, with your coffee, and listen to some soft music. Don’t allow any fear or doubt to take hold of your mind. Just watch it like a television program.

2. Throughout the day, notice if that sense of fear or guilt tries to creep in around the edges and see if you can leave it there but watch it instead.

3. Notice if you do become even the slightest bit upset – ask yourself, “What is the thought that is at the root of this upset?” Burrow into it and find the center. “People won’t like me”. Okay, if it’s people won’t like me then ask yourself if you can know that is absolutely true? And notice, also, if there have been times people didn’t like you and you embraced it, survived it, watched it and really didn’t care. You survived.

The other day I was listening to a mindfulness teacher and he said that all that perpetual noise of our mind essentially trickles down to one question, “Who am I”?

At first I was confused. But I let this simmer and began watching throughout the day… do the doubt thoughts all have to do with some worry about who I am? Find out and see.