Okay, I haven’t forgotten about the follow up to the last post.  In case you haven’t read it, I basically said I almost died from pneumonia in November (no joke) and had the awakening moment that if I don’t do that thing I’ve always wanted to do, it’s basically now or never.  I also did a bargain with the universe that if I did survive this horrific, life-sucking, miserable, pain filled, anguish inducingly terrible disease, I would do the one thing I have always wanted to do, without delay.  It’s time to get on it!  The trouble is I’m not sure what that one thing I’ve always wanted to do is that I’m not already doing – working with people.  I’m already doing that and enjoying it very much.  Outside of that, I decided to start gathering some ideas.

What’s funny is that many people have come to me, maybe it’s the because of the giving season that’s upon us, but they’ve  said, “I want to do something more of a volunteering/service nature”.  Voila – listening to them generate ideas I’ve had help in coming up with this list.  This is pure brainstorming so if any of it is ridiculous, please ignore.

1.  write a story

2.  go to Nicaragua and volunteer

3.  send money to help with clean water in Africa

4.  volunteer at a battered women’s shelter

5.  start a blog

6.  adopt an orphan

7.  sponsor an orphan

8.  start a business

9.  create something people need and sell it

10.  make a shelter (for people in need) – it could even be like an underground call chain type thing, like the invisible Bed and Breakfast for women who don’t have anywhere to go or the homeless, etc.

11.  raise money for something I care about

12.  start a volunteer organization that brings meals and runs errands for sick people (I thought of this when I was so sick I couldn’t drive, cook for myself, buy my own stuff)

13.  create some visual aids, worksheets on some topics that need more visuals

14.  start a meditation group

15.  meditate on a regular schedule

16.  volunteer at an orphanage

17.  volunteer at an animal shelter

18.  be a foster parent for a child or an animal

19.  finally apologize to someone for something I did I feel bad about

20.  Go to church, attend another church group or start a church

21.  Start a women or men’s group – empowering women/empowering men

22.  Write a children’s book

23.  Do yoga more often

24.  Be involved in a some kind of group – a meet up, a volunteer team, an organization that helps in TEAM version

25.  Start a book club

26.  Go to a training on something new I’ve wanted to learn that I can share

27.  Start a “Help New Moms” group – they deliver meals and babysit for new moms

28.  Do a podcast or a webinar or a video


I am sure there are more ideas.  If you see some glaring omission of something definitely helpful to the world, email me and I can add it on.  I didn’t feel like doing a google search on this because that’s boring so I just started writing and listening.

Now we can all get busy doing something of service for others.  It’s now or never!