Career and Interest Testing

Adolescents and career changers are often helped by taking a few career tests to guide them.

1. The Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator
2. The Strong Interest Inventory
3. Values sort test

All of these tests are now available in the office and this makes me very excited. I have always loved the Myers-Briggs, developed initially by Carl Jung… it […]

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Normal Expectations


I’ve noticed how a very simple thing can have a very calming affect on the mind.  I’m going to title this kind of mind intervention a “normal expectation”.  The latest example for me is related to my new puppy.  I read a majority of Cesar Millan’s book on How to Raise the Perfect Puppy before […]

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Sweet Success

One of the most exciting things to occur recently was that one of my clients (who has given me written permission to share this) published her first novel.  I, too, have always wanted to write a book so watching her as she decided this was her goal was a thrill for me from the beginning. […]

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Interesting video about how the mind changes the brain and visa versa


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Writing down your thoughts

When you wake up in the morning there is about a 10-20 second window of peace.  Then… the thoughts start.  This is actually the best place to get started in order to have a peaceful day.  Just write down a few of the thoughts to get the process started.  You can use shorthand so no […]

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Mindfulness Video with Jon Kabat-Zinn

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Awareness and mindfulness are often used synonymously.  I found some quotes on awareness from Jon Kabat-Zinn on the topic of awareness.  When we are in a major state of stress or trauma, understanding the difference between awareness and thought can help.


“Awareness is not the same as thought.  It lies beyond thinking, although it makes use […]

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Safe Environments

My daughter and I took a trip recently and I was reminded in a big bold way of a powerful spiritual truth:  You need a safe environment in which to heal.  The island we went to was known for having a very low crime rate.  The people were very warm and friendly.  The parents treated […]

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Depression and Anxiety

Depression can be caused by an unresolved issue or it can be chemical or both.  There are many good anti-depressant medications that are effective in treating depression and/or anxiety.  The trouble with many SSRIs or SNRIs is they tend to have side effects and you literally need to stay with the treatment, tweaking the meds, […]

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