Neurotic Versus Character Disordered Individuals

“Suffering without catharsis is nothing but wasted pain.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

Catharsis is doing something effective with something that is painful.

Back in the early 90s, there was a book called The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck. At the very beginning of the book, Peck explained there were two different kinds of clients he saw […]

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Tiny Changes

I saw a video recently by John Green and he was talking about how he is inherently distrustful of epiphanies because of the fact that many people have insightful thoughts all day long but they don’t become life changing.  What makes something life changing?

Have you ever thought that other people know more than you do […]

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Fear and Phobias

The other day I had a long talk with some therapists about fear, phobias and how to overcome them.  The consensus was, “It’s difficult to overcome fear when there are a million things out there to actually be afraid of!”  Absolutely.  We were talking about flying.  We then started talking about how if we looked […]

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Article on codependency

This is a good article on codependency I wanted to share.



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Teen Routines is one of the best resources around.  She helps people get their homes organized.  She teaches that you need routines in order to consistently stay on top of tasks after the initial “Let’s Do It” buzz wears off.

So teens, I’m going to ask you to:  Make routines your holy grail.  If you follow them, you […]

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Steven Hayes Video that I like (ACT)



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A testimonial

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People pleasing and guilt taking

I enjoy researching this topic very much as it seems to be an issue that many of my clients, if not all of them, struggle with on some level. People are worried about what other people think.  It causes anxiety, fear, overworking, underworking, a fear of failure, addictions, depression, unrelenting standards for themselves and others, […]

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Pivotal Moments

In narrative therapy, we rewrite your story.  We aren’t actually rewriting it per se, but helping you see a part of it that existed already but you didn’t notice.  (The thinking mind is great at not noticing things).  In schema therapy, we take a look at the story’s themes so we can see trends.  We […]

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Ten minutes of mindfulness is all it takes

Life is stressful and we have a lot of things to manage. Work, school, kids, bills, housework and on and on. Lately, I’ve been making a routine for myself and some of my clients have done the same. Routines look like this:

Start a load of laundry
Unload dishwasher
Scoop the litterbox
Take lunch to work
Put everything away


Put clothes […]

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